Helping Teachers spend more time with their Students

Mark Sheridan Academy is a magnet school that focuses on science, math and overall academic excellence, within the Chicago Public Schools district.

Prior to the acquisition of the ROI software, teachers and staff at Mark Sheridan Academy would have to send their print jobs to specific printers. Then they would have to wait for the printer to warm up, or wait for other staff members to print and copy documents before getting theirs. There was also the issue when sensitive, confidential documents were left at the printer for anyone to read or even take away.

As Katie Lechowski, Technology Coordinator at Mark Sheridan Academy, explained, “Since the installation of the ROI software, our staff have been able to print more effectively. They now have the ability to pick up their documents from any printer in the building. They no longer have wait to print their jobs from a single designated machine thereby allowing them to spend more time focused on their students.”

“ROI’s customer service is amazing!” Katie added. “They were always available to answer any of my questions, as I came into this project with very little knowledge of how this all worked. The ROI support team have been very patient with me and took the time to make sure I was comfortable with everything.”

“I would highly recommend ROI software and the ROI Support Team”, Katie concluded

Mark Sheridan Academy is just one of an increasing number of K-12 school districts that see the value, and are realizing the benefits of ROI Print Manager. From tracking the print and copy usage of staff and students, to helping drive down printing costs through rules-based printing, to creating more secure and efficient print workflows, and eliminating the need for print servers.

No other software solution offers such comprehensive and scalable print management functionality tailored to small through large school districts alike.