Print Control Software, Inc. Announce ROI Mobile Print

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – June 11, 2012. Print Control Software Inc., one of the world’s leading software providers for understanding and managing users printing, releases ROI Mobile Print, a multi-platform application that is printer independent and requires no embedded software. ROI Mobile Print is compatible with network printers from every manufacturer in the world and all mobile devices including: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry & Windows.

“ROI Mobile Print is one of the most practical print solutions available for mobile users, offering the convenience of accessing and printing documents anywhere, anytime on any output device,” says Shane Hannan, President of Print Control Software, Inc. “Simply scan a QR code with your mobile device, see your documents on your device and select print. No need for accessing a web-browser or entering codes.”

ROI Mobile Print is a completely secure solution, as all information is stored inside the firewall and users need to be authenticated on their network to access documents and print.

ROI Mobile Print also provides detailed user and job tracking information that can be used for document audit trails or bill back. For more details please visit:

About ROI Print Manager and PCS Print Control Software

Print Control Software, Inc. (PCS) – has been creating innovative workflow solutions since 1999. Our mission is to help companies understand their print environment; provide best workflow education to their users through pop-up messages and on-going reporting to orchestrate a successful MPS program.  ROI technology is time tested and continues to be one of the most robust enterprise products available today and used in many large organizations including Fortune 500 companies around the world. For more information please